Don’t Skip The Formalities

Under very special circumstances, Dirty Dishes is happy to present a polished package of silver linings.

Silver Linings Pop-Up ShopWe live in a throw away culture symbolized by paper plates, that’s IF we take the hamburger out of the wrapper, and that’s IF we even get out of the car with the food.

Janies Salt Cellars-2At the end of an exhausting day, how we all wish for the energy to set the table and cook a beautiful meal.  And on the weekend, we don’t want to watch Netflix all day on the sofa, not really.  We want to plan beautiful dinner parties with a formal buffet and a room full of good friends that just drop by at any time, because they are not on the sofa recouping their energy either.

Janies Shell Cake Server-6So it’s not 1955… and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean that gracious living is dead.  It doesn’t mean that polished silver doesn’t still feel special. And like a good cup of tea, a piece of silver that you transform from a orphaned blackened relic to a shiny gleaming home accessory, can feel vet special indeed.

Janies Heart Shape Silver-5Visit the Dirty Dishes Boutique on Etsy.  There in the Silver Linings Pop Up Shop you will find these treasures and more for yourself from a single estate, lovingly assembled and polished.