Grandma Bates- The Beginning of Honor-Ware

Overdue but close to the heart and soul of Dirty Dishes, this is the story of how Honor-Ware was originally conceived.

I met Grandma Bates only once or twice… at one or maybe both of my friend Cristine’s baby showers. But it was her passing that most impacted me. Several weeks after she traveled ahead, her granddaughter, my friend, called with what she described was a strange proposition. The family had lovingly gone through all of Grandma Bate’s treasures and had put what they wanted aside. The next move was to call the charity truck to pick up the rest. Before they made the call, Cristine, knowing that I loved dishes and vintage, wanted me to come by and take what I wanted. She knew that I would treasure the items and honor her Grandmother each time I used them. This idea gave her great comfort. I admit, it was a bit awkward packing up treasures of a woman I barely knew, and leaving others behind with family members looking on. But I understood their wanting me to take the things with me rather than putting them in the hands of a complete stranger. And I have honored them as promised.

Grandma Bates had an amazing collection of dishes, kitchenware and souvenirs she had collected over the years. Cristine reminisced about treasures brought back from a visit to Russia and tableware used for special family dinners. There were dishes that, now that I have my rental company, I regret leaving behind. But the items I did pick up have been absolutely delightful to have around.  This collection is why I have included Honor-ware as a part of my business plan.

Here are a few of the things I have and honor from Grandma Bates:


Shrimp Cocktail Glasses (admittedly, I have not yet used these.  And I will have to be creative now that I am vegetarian…but I look at them often with good intentions)

Grandma Bates Honor-Ware

Polka-Dot Tumblers (We love these! Nice weight and size for our favorite beverages…especially something bubbly.)

Grandma Bates Honor-Ware

Crystal Stemware -I’ve made these available for rent and I use them when Grace’s dishes are on the table. (more about Grace’s dishes in an upcoming post)

Grandma Bates Honor-Ware

Biscuit Cutter – As marked, this first belonged to Grandma Pete.  I now have my own mother’s biscuit cutter in the drawer as well but it is another size, so both get used.

Grandma Bates Honor-Ware

Silver Rimmed Glasses – Dorothy Thorpe era – so fancy!

Grandma Bates Honor-Ware

Silver Compote -Always on display in our home. You might recognize the shape of this dish if you’ve read my children’s book.

Relax - Coral Pieces

Coral Pieces – Cristine retained some pieces for her home as well.

(You should also know that Cristine is also the talented artist behind my logo.)

Alta Sue Radke - Dirty Dishes