From Savers to Saks

I’ve recently started telling people that Dirty Dishes is like a dishes orphanage. It’s a place where single saucers are paired with lonely teacups and placed back on the table for tea. And as I’ve mentioned before, pieces sitting on thrift store shelves are rescued, as they would be simply thrown away when their time in the store expired.

As I prepared for a tea luncheon at Saks Fifth Avenue, hosted by Gustav Mauhler, our local celebrity chef,  I thought about how most of the teacups could claim a true rags to riches story.  Sitting pretty on a table set for ladies that most likely did not darken the door of a thrift store, these cups and saucers made the big time.

So although I run this orphanage, I hope that I am more of a Mamma Warbucks than a Miss Hannigan. (Although I do think Cameron Diaz is pretty funny.) It’s a hard knock life…. and that’s ok, as long as nothing is chipped.

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